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Do you want to turn your temporary job into a permanent one? These days a large majority of companies are using temp-to-perm positions as a technique to “try before they buy.” And if you want them to buy, here’s what you should do:

Get to know the company

It is essential to know the nature of the company- understand the industry they operate in, what services or products they provide, what their geographical limitations are and who their core competitors are. Treat this opportunity as part of your interview, do your homework and study everything you possibly can about the company.  Explore how they make money and how your contribution would add value to the company. The more you know about the company, the more you will be able to prove your worth and make a significant impact on your employer.

Get familiar with the culture

Apart from understanding the nature of your company, it is also very important to understand its culture and ethics. Every company is exclusive and has their own set of values, employment brand, ethics and code of conduct. From the company’s mission, vision, employee benefits and market reputation to internal dynamics, dress code, the way of doing work and the key contributors of the company. If you understand the company’s culture and you feel you can comfortably fit into it, then my dear friends half of the job is already done. You will most certainly have an advantage to apply for a permanent position, as and when it opens.

Be proactive

If you want to be permanent, be proactive and prove your worth. Always be keen to take on new projects or responsibilities even if you have not been made a part of it. To prove you are really interested, be the first one to self-volunteer for extra work. Show positive energy, dedication and a strong work ethic. Be flexible and avoid saying no to any opportunity that comes your way.

Don’t ignore the company’s recruitment team

Maintaining a good relationship with company’s HR or recruitment department could also prove beneficial. Let them know you want a full-time position in the organisation. In addition to this let your seniors and managers know of your intentions, this should build a case in your favour, if a permanent position becomes available, they will hopefully consider your name first. But always remember there is a very thin line between showing your interest in becoming permanent and being overly keen. Don’t over show your interest and don’t be so eager as this may have an adverse impact on your chances.

Be a part of the team

If you are in a temporary position, it doesn’t mean your contribution is worthless and no one will offer work to you. If anybody comes to you or gives you an assignment, don’t miss the opportunity. Take the initiative, put in your best efforts and give 100 percent. Also, don’t ignore your co-workers; try to gel with them the best you can. Offer them help and take time to get to know them. The more you participate, the more people are likely to notice you which will increase your chances of being considered for a permanent position.

If you are in a temporary position, why not try these handy tips!!

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