Negotiate A Pay Rise


So you think you deserve to be paid more? Follow these tips to negotiate a higher salary.
Are you just one step closer to getting your dream job? You have successfully cleared all the grilling sessions of the interview. You have impressed the interviewers with your credentials, skills, confidence and enthusiasm. And now you have been called back for the final round of interviews. You know the company wants to hire you. You also know how much money they are going to offer you. But you want more money than they're prepared to offer. So how would you persuade the interviewers to offer you a higher salary without losing the job you love?

Here are some handy tips to negotiate a higher salary

Conduct research

Before you go for that final round of interviews to decide your fate, research as much as you can about the pay range the company offers for the specific job profile. Also, find out what’s the average market salary. Have a clear idea and set a minimum salary expectation. Do the math and find out a deal-breaker point. Don’t expect to get more than what you would consider to be higher than the industry standard.

Avoid mentioning your salary expectations on paper

Whilst filling out application forms, don’t fill out the salary expectations question. Don’t mention a salary level in your covering letter. You don’t want to get overlooked due to your expected salary, which you can definitely negotiate later.

Know your worth

It is very important to know your value and then negotiate your salary accordingly. Are you in a position of power? If you are in demand in your current company or any other company, your chances of getting a good salary are high. Discuss this with your current interviewer however don’t emphasise it to much. It is very important to remain grounded and avoid acting too confident. It is acceptable to tell your interviewer about your other offers, just don’t try to force them to decide in your favour.


Wait for the hiring company to discuss the salary

Never ever propose a salary figure to the company. Wait for them to bring up the salary negotiation issue. Very politely tell them you are interested in working for the company and taking it to a new level and you are open to negotiation regarding remuneration. Or tell them about your expected salary and make it clear that you are happy to discuss this with them. It is a good idea to make your expectations clear but don’t be forceful.

Emphasise how your skills can benefit the company

Describe any successes/rewards you had at your last company. Enumerate your accomplishments in terms of cost savings and enhanced productivity. Also explain how you contributed to the overall growth of the company. If you achieved performance bonuses or incentive awards, state those so that you'll be viewed as an achiever.
Last but not the least, don’t be unreasonable and rigid. Be ready to compromise a bit, if you really want to your dream job.

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