New Job? Negotiate Your Way To A Higher Salary



You are well qualified. You are experienced. You have successfully cleared the interview round. But you are not getting the salary of your expectations. So how are you going to talk about the salary you want? Sometimes in spite of having the required experience and skills, you don’t get the salary you deserve, why, just because of a lack of negotiation.

Wondering how you can get your desired salary as well as your dream job? Here are some really handy tips to help you get the salary you deserve:


How much should you get?


Before going to a job interview, it is very important to pre-decide your salary. You can do this by doing a little bit of research about the current market for the opening you are applying for, i.e. what is the industry average? Check out various websites that can help you modify your salary search basis position, company, city, and even experience – like Also, check with friends or associates who are in similar positions in other companies. However, always remember not to quote a salary that you also think can be too much for the post you apply for. It may turn off the employer completely, leaving no scope for negotiation.


Get in touch with the employees of the company


One of the finest ways to find out the salary slab for a specific position in a company is through its employees. Obviously not as easy as it sounds, but try to contact any ex-or current employees of the company where the vacancy is available and ask about the salary norms with – you may get lucky and find someone willing to give you this info.


Unemployed for a long time? Don’t settle on anything  


If you are unemployed for a long period of time, don’t let it affect your future. It is quite possible that you may get depressed by being unemployed but that doesn’t mean you cannot negotiate in fear of losing the next available opportunity. Always keep in mind if you need the job, the company also needs you equally and that’s why they selected you. So, be confident and negotiate your salary asking for a package according to your skills, experience and knowledge. Make the most of it.


It is very important to be persuasive NOT demanding


When negotiating your salary, don’t be demanding or too firm. It is very important to be flexible. Always be at your best when you negotiate, be persuasive, and use calibrated words instead of terms like “I don’t want, I am not going to work” or “I cannot change my decision”.


Be confident about your skills and knowledge


If you think you are experienced enough and you have got the right skills, chances are you may get the desired package. However, in case you are offered a lower salary than expected, emphasise your competencies and share them with your employer. Talk confidently about what you possess and why you deserve the higher salary.




No matter whether or not you are offered a decent package, negotiation is always a good idea.

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