New Job - Make The Most Of It


Make the most of the first year at your new job


First year is probably the most crucial year of your new job. To make the most of it or to leave a lasting impression on your bosses, you ought to perform outstandingly, give your best shot, be innovative, and put in the extra hours. Ultimately, how you work in your initial year will portray a lot about the kind of asset you will be to your company.


However, along with the hard work you put in, there are various other aspects that you should keep in mind during first 12 months of your job. Working exceptionally well may help you get noticed, but does it really pronounce you as a long-term asset for the company? Remember, first year is not just about hitting numbers and meeting your targets; in fact it is about much more subtle things. Here’s what you should do during your first year:


Get to know your colleagues and associates


During your first year, it is very important to interact with all your immediate colleagues and associates. Know their names and a little bit about them. This will not just help you make contacts, grow your network but also it will show how much you care about everyone around you beyond a professional level. You never know, it might lead to professional perks, such as raise, promotion, team leader, etc. However, don’t just focus on your big bosses; create relationships with everyone around you.


Always do favours for others


When it is your first year and somebody comes to you for a favour or help, never say no. You should offer some kind of help to your associates. A simple offer to assist someone working late or cover for an immediate co-worker who wants to go early will be sufficient. It will showcase you as a trustworthy and reliable person. It will build a solid foundation of belief.


Go on coffee or tea breaks


How about sipping a cup of coffee or tea with your colleague? Definitely, it is a good idea to spend some time with your associates. always ask if they want a coffee to earn a special place in their hearts.


Find one person with whom you can be most comfortable


Probably, as soon as you enter your new place of work, you will find one person with whom you can feel more comfortable. That person doesn’t need to be your immediate colleague. He or she can be from another department too. Search for a person who can motivate you, inspire you and encourage you to do a task, especially when everyone else tells you “You can’t do it”.


Always be punctual


Getting into work on time is also very important, especially when it is your first year. It will create a positive impression on your colleagues and bosses. Also, this way you may inspire the late comers to come on time.




See how the small things can help you make the most of your first year at your new job and you will more than likely find yourself working there for years to come.

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