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One career and too many passions, learn these tips to deal with multiple career choices


Are you unable to decide what you want to become in life? Do you know which career will be best for you? Are you having a tough time in choosing one career option from your different passions? You like to write and do public relations and edit videos too. Having too many passions has always been good but if you have multiple passions to depend on then it is time that you learn to deal with multiple career choices.           

So if you have different passions and various degrees, but are unable to start a career, then our tips below can help you tackle this career conundrum.


Check out the job market


When it comes to choosing from multiple passions, one of the easiest ways is to check out the job market. Explore the market and find out information about the career paths you are planning to opt. You can also interact with people working in the same field get some general advice about the industry. If possible, enquire about the training or preparation involved along with the time and cost required. Research the above for all of your passions and see which one you can turn into a fruitful career.


Keep your future secure


While choosing from your different career options, don’t forget the monetary part. If you want one of your passions to be your career, it is very important to secure your future. Ensure you make a choice which can provide you with a comfortable lifestyle, decent income, position, reputation and most importantly growth.


Get practical knowledge


It is always possible to spend some time in the field you want to work in. The practical knowledge of work as well as experience can help you get a clear picture about the work involved in the field you want to choose. Start by working as an intern in an organisation, assisting people in the same field, or freelancing. In case you don’t find the job interesting, you can at any time move to another job relating to one of your other passions and get some experience in that field.


Pick a career that is flexible enough


If you are unable to decide between your multiple passions then it is time to pick an option that you think can offer you not just flexibility but self-direction too. There are a few companies that appreciate talented people and provide them opportunities to show their skills, maybe you can gain employment with them. This way you won’t have to give up on any of your passions.


Understand the difference between hobby and passion


When it is about your career, it is very important to understand that you can’t make a bright future out of all your passions. Differentiate between your hobbies and your passions. Once you understand the difference, take the right decision to make it your career.

You can have numerous careers throughout your life but that won’t help you much as in the end you may end-up doing nothing at all. Therefore, once you recognise what your passions are and what is the most suitable option for your career, nothing can stop from making a great career out of it. But please remember, sometimes you may need to compromise!

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