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Top 4 Social networking websites to find your dream job

LinkedIn is certainly one the most popular social media websites to
find your dream job. However, there are many more websites that offer
some wonderful resources and tools to help you find the job of your
choice. These days both the recruiters as well as employers are using
different tools to land the best fit for their jobs. The best part is
the upcoming websites offer some really helpful job resources and
tools completely devoted to young aspirants and employees searching for
their dream job.

To assist, we have listed the top five social media websites that
are not completely job-focused but do offer great opportunities for job seekers.

Facebook: Who doesn’t know about Facebook? At present, it is one of
the most popular social media websites. Up until now, this website
allowed you to connect, share and shop, but with an added feature, now
you can find the job of your choice by simply posting job requests on your
Facebook page. Even participating in discussion on different company's
pages can help you grab a good job. In addition to this, with applications
like Social Jobs Partnership and Facebook Marketplace, you can search
for positions in your respective field and browse jobs by category or keyword.

Pinterest: Other than posting, there is so much more that you can do
on Pinterest. Believe it or not, it is one of the best platforms to
showcase your profile and expertise in a visual form. Pinterest is a hub
of freelancers as well as potential job seekers who pin their work to
grab the attention of job recruiters.

Plaxo: In addition to Facebook and Pinterest, the third website that
is worth considering is Plaxo. And it is completely different from the
above-mentioned websites. It is a website where you can keep all your
important contacts and use them accordingly. The best part is that if any
of your contacts update their information, it automatically gets
updated on your list. This will only happen if all your contacts
choose to become members of Plaxo.


Twitter: Our fourth option is Twitter. This site enables you to manage
your account professionally and let you Tweet whatever you think can
prove right for your career. Don’t be surprised if you find a lot of
companies, some particularly large ones, promoting job opportunities on



See how social networking sites can help you find a job online, but don’t limit yourself
to just one website, in fact, go on searching and widen your chances
of getting your dream job through these social networking websites.

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