What You Need To Know About Background Verification



What do you know about background verification?


If you are a jobseeker and planning to join a company, you need to know the significance of background checks and why they are needed. Well, background verification is nothing but the information a recruiting manager commonly asks from an employee before joining an organisation. Background verification is performed for both security purposes and to check certain details of the employee.

So if you are about to join a company, it is important for you to know about the kind of information a recruiting manager commonly requests. Here is what you should know and prepare accordingly.


Your work history


The recruiting organisation may ask you to provide your entire work history in order to verify the time period of your past employment, your role, companies you worked in, salaries, etc. This kind of information helps the recruiters in checking the genuineness of your CV.


Your credit report


In case you are applying for a position in the finance department, you may be asked to provide your credit score or give consent for the company to obtain it.


Your educational background


Along with your credit score, the company wanting to recruit you may also request you to give details of your educational background. The recruiter may want to know where you completed your schooling and availed your graduation degree. You may be asked about your main subjects and any kind of specialisation (if you have mentioned this in your CV).    


Your criminal history


These days, a majority of companies do check criminal records. They want to know if you had any kind of criminal convictions. However, it differs from country to country, as in some countries companies can access your criminal history up to a certain level. Since many employees have started omitting this information from application forms, the companies now make sure they verify your authenticity cautiously. Ensure you don’t provide bogus information about your past; it may lead to legal action or your termination. Particularly, if you are applying for a security position, checking your criminal history will be one of the most important parts of your background check.


In addition to the above mentioned aspects of background verification, the recruiter may request a copy of your driving license or bankruptcy records. On the other hand, it is important for you to know that there is some information that recruiters can’t access without your consent, such as your medical history. However, the employer can ask you to go through a complete medical examination and provide the reports before joining the company.


Depending on the scope and nature, average background verification could take around two or more business days to complete.


Background checking is a vital process for any job, which is necessary for both the employee and the employer. It is very important for the employee to keep all the information as clear as possible and not to provide any false documents that will lose them the opportunity of securing their dream job.

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