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Asking for a Rise in Pay


Should you be making more money than you currently earn at your job? If you have been working for the same organisation for more than a year, it may be time for you to ask for an increase in pay. Some employers will naturally increase your pay after an allotted amount of time, while others will not make any changes unless the issue is brought up by the employee. Learning how to ask for a rise in payment will help you to get on track for earning the pay you deserve.





It is vital to conduct your research before you even mention a pay rise to your boss. You should research the times when the company generally makes salary adjustments so that you can approach your boss way before the deadline. Additionally, you will want to reflect upon your own contributions to the company. If the boss asks why you think you deserve a raise, you will need to provide specific examples of how you add value to the organisation in order to make your argument much more convincing.


Furthermore, it is beneficial to research the salaries of others outside of your company that are employed at jobs similar to your own. This research can give you an idea of how much you should be making in comparison to your current salary. While conducting this research, make sure you consider factors such as experience and level of education because these factors generally affect the salary as well.



Taking Action


After you have thoroughly conducted your research, you will need to schedule an appointment with your boss. You should not ask for a rise in pay over the phone or via email, as this could be considered unprofessional. When it is time for your meeting, bring sources you found while researching, as they will make your words much more convincing. Make sure that you give examples of how you have added to the company and why you believe you should be compensated with more money than you are currently earning.


It is important to approach this conversation with a respectful, professional tone. If you are currently happy with your job, you want to make sure that your employer does not misunderstand your request. If your employer is unwilling or unable to give you the rise in pay, you may want to offer a few suggestions as to how you can make it work. It is vital that you end the meeting in a manner that is positive in order to avoid any hard feelings. Becoming overtly angry or frustrated could ruin your chances of growing within the company and could give your employer a negative impression of you.



Asking for a rise in pay can be difficult, but it is certainly worth it if you are able to get the results you desire. After all, compensation is one of the most important factors of a job, and the ability to communicate your desire to be paid an appropriate amount can help you to earn the money you deserve. As long as you approach the situation professionally, asking for a rise in pay does not need to be a negative or uncomfortable experience.

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