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Preparing for Your Interview


Most jobs require potential candidates to interview for the position. The interview is your chance to convince employers that you are the best candidate for the job and that they should hire you. In order to have an effective interview, it is vital to prepare yourself so that you will enter the interview with confidence. The following list offers advice on how to effectively prepare for an interview.



Align Yourself


If the job you are interviewing for includes a description, make sure you read it repeatedly and consider the reasons why you are qualified to fulfill the job requirements. What do you have to offer that other applicants may not have? You may find it useful to make a list of your experiences and accomplishments that are relevant to the job. Review your resume or CV as a reminder. Although you will not want to be too repetitive, an interview gives you a chance to expand upon these documents and further explain how they are applicable to the job. You will also want to make sure you research the company background so that you will be able to answer any related questions.





There are numerous online resources with lists of potential interview questions. While some questions are generally asked at most interviews (such as, “Why do you think you would be a good fit for this job?), there may be additional questions depending on the job you are applying for. It is useful to find interview questions that are relevant to your field and to practice scripting your answers to them. This can be done in writing or verbally. You may even want to have a friend ask you questions so that you can get used to responding without having any resources in front of you.



Plan Ahead


Part of interview preparation is organising yourself so that you are not scrambling to find what you need on the day of your interview. It is advisable to pick out your clothing beforehand and to make sure that it fits properly and is appropriate for the interview. Furthermore, you may want to print a copy of your resume or CV to give to the employer, even if you have already submitted these documents before. If you have any sample work you would like to show the interviewer, organise it neatly into a portfolio. Also, make sure you prepare a list of questions about the company and the specific job. Coming to an interview with questions shows that you have taken the time to explore the opportunity and research the company. Many employers will ask if you have any questions at the end of the interview, and you will not want to have to come up with something on the fly.



Interviewing can be stressful, but if you have prepared yourself, it can serve as a chance to really separate yourself from other candidates. Effective research and preparation will likely make you feel more confident, which gives you the ability to put your best foot forward.

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