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Ideas and Strategies for Motivating your Personal Development


Many people strive to continually develop themselves both professionally and personally. When you first decide to make a change, it can be easy to find motivation to take the necessary steps to achieve your goals; however, over time, it can be difficult to maintain this energy and drive. Pursuing some fresh, interesting ideas and strategies for personal development is one way you can recharge your motivation and get back on track with achieving your goals.



One way to re-energize yourself is to reframe your plan for personal development and approach it from a different perspective. For example, you may want to consider reading about Maslow’s (1970) hierarchy of needs and reflecting upon how your goals fit into this framework. Maslow’s hierarchy includes basic needs (such as food), followed by the need to feel physically safe. The next levels involve the need to feel love, the need to feel self-empowerment, the need to find meaning, and the need to find beauty. The theory is that once all of these needs have been met, the individual can achieve self-actualization. Consider the needs you have in your life and whether they are currently being met. Once you have fulfilled the most basic needs from the lower levels, you are more likely to be successful with the needs that are higher on the hierarchy.



Another way to commit yourself to personal development is to make a plan for time management. Consider the different components of your life, such as work, family, and personal time, while you are creating a plan for time organisation. Creating a specific plan will help you to include all things that are important to you without shirking responsibilities. Other ways to effectively manage your time include creating “to do lists” of what you need to do on a particular day or throughout a week. Being able to look at your tasks and cross them off as you complete them is empowering, and the sense of accomplishment is helpful for ongoing motivation.



Additionally, another tangible idea for monitoring and increasing your self-development is to create a resume or a curriculum vitae. These documents will be needed for future opportunities, and they also serve as a way to organize yourself and take note of progress you have made toward your goals. Resumes and CVs are working documents, meaning that they are likely to change and develop as you partake in new opportunities. Reading over these documents can remind you of how far you have come and the steps you need to take to continue improving; it can also expose areas of your life you would like to focus on for future development.



Regardless of where you find motivation or the strategies you use to encourage yourself, everyone becomes discouraged from time to time. These useful strategies can help you to refocus your energy and remember the commitments you have made to yourself on both a personal and professional level. Keep in mind that every individual is different, and it may take a few tries to discover a strategy that is truly motivating to you.

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