CV Writing

  • Advice For Improving Your CV

    Advice for Improving your CV


    A competitive CV can be a highly significant component of a job application, so it is important to spend time revising, editing, and updating your document to increase your likelihood of being chosen for a position. Even if you already have a solid CV, you may want to consider reviewing these basic tips for improving your document......

  • CV Mistakes

    Common CV mistakes to Avoid


    Writing an effective CV can significantly improve your chances of being selected for a job. Although there are not necessarily rules for how to write a CV, it is important to make sure you avoid making unnecessary mistakes. This article lists some common mistakes of CV writing that you will want to take into consideration as you begin to compose your CV. The actual structure and content of the CV may vary depending on the field of work; however, the tips below can be applied to a variety of lines of work......

  • CV Formatting Tips

    Formatting a CV


    Most academic positions require applicants to provide a curriculum vitae that describes their educational experiences, research projects, and accomplishments that are relevant to the job. Some professional positions outside of the academy may request a CV as well, so it is important to know how to format the document in a manner that is clear, efficient, and attractive to potential employers. You will want to search for sample CVs within your field when beginning to format your own because there may be slight differences in the formatting of CVs for different types of jobs. Nevertheless, there are several components of CV writing that can be addressed from a more general standpoint for those who would like to keep a draft that can be adapted for different purposes......

  • CV Writing Basics


    Writing Your CV: The Basics


    A curriculum vitae, or CV, is a working document that is often requested when applying for scholarly positions, such as a university professor or a researcher. Additionally, some graduate schools or scholarship programs will request a CV as a part of the initial application. The purpose of the CV is to provide the employer with information regarding the experiences and accomplishments of your academic life......

  • CV Or Resume?


    The CV Versus the Resume


    Although there are similarities between the structure of the resume and the structure of the curriculum vitae, it is important to recognize that they are separate documents to be used for different purposes. Your future employer may ask you to submit either of these documents or both of them, so an understanding of how they differ from one another is necessary......

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