Get a pay rise

  • Ask For A Pay Rise

    Asking for a Rise in Pay


    Should you be making more money than you currently earn at your job? If you have been working for the same organisation for more than a year, it may be time for you to ask for an increase in pay. Some employers will naturally increase your pay after an allotted amount of time, while others will not make any changes unless the issue is brought up by the employee. Learning how to ask for a rise in payment will help you to get on track for earning the pay you deserve......

  • How To Get Paid More


    Getting Paid More for your Work


    Although asking for a raise may be the most direct way to increase your compensation, you may not always get the answer you are hoping for when you approach your employers with this request. There are alternative routes to increasing your salary that do not require you to have a potentially uncomfortable meeting with your boss. Below are some suggestions for setting yourself up to earn more money than you currently make......

  • Are You Due A Pay Rise?


    When Not to Expect a Rise in Pay


    Most people would not deny an opportunity to increase their salary.  Although you may deserve to be paid much more than you currently make, the work force is not always fair. Sometimes, the people who are the most qualified get paid the least. Unfortunately, pay increases are sometimes unfeasible for a company, regardless of outstanding performance reviews. Below is a list of warning signs that you may not be receiving the raise you have been hoping for......

  • Negotiate A Pay Rise

    So you think you deserve to be paid more? Follow these tips to negotiate a higher salary.
    Are you just one step closer to getting your dream job? You have successfully cleared all the grilling sessions of the interview. You have impressed the interviewers with your credentials, skills, confidence and enthusiasm. And now you have been called back for the final round of interviews. You know the company wants to hire you. You also know how much money they are going to offer you. But you want more money than they're prepared to offer. So how would you persuade the interviewers to offer you a higher salary without losing the job you love......

  • New Job? Negotiate Your Way To A Higher Salary

    You are well qualified. You are experienced. You have successfully cleared the interview round. But you are not getting the salary of your expectations. So how are you going to talk about the salary you want? Sometimes in spite of having the required experience and skills, you don’t get the salary you deserve, why, just because of a lack of negotiation.

    Wondering how you can get your desired salary as well as your dream job? Here are some really handy tips to help you get the salary you deserve......

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